Whole, Halves, Sliced, Chunks, Sweetened, Infused, Diced.


Luvhele, Mabonde, Musa Nana, Musa Cavendishii


5, 10 and 12.5 kg boxes.

Banana: A Tropical Journey from the Jungle to our Tables

Bananas, with their sweet flavour and creamy texture, are a fruit that has journeyed over the centuries. With their origins in tropical forests, bananas have become a basic food in the diets of millions of people all over the world. 

Origins in Southeast Asia: Bananas have their origins in Southeast Asia, in the regions covering Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is believed that the natives grew and ate them back in prehistoric times, much before they were taken to other parts of the world.

Dispersion through Trade Routes: With maritime trade routes, bananas made their way around the world. They were introduced in countries such as India, Africa and the Middle East, taking their distinctive flavour with them and their culinary versatility.

Bananas in Antiquity: Different civilisations highly rated bananas in ancient times. The Greeks and Romans were familiar with bananas, considering them a rare, exotic fruit. Arab traders contributed to taking them to other Mediterranean regions.

Journey to America: Bananas were eventually taken across the Atlantic and arrived in America with European explorers and settlers. Although people were initially reluctant to eat them because of their shape and unknown texture, they gradually became a part of the American diet.

The Plantation Era and Banana Companies: During the boom of banana plantations in the 19th century, banana production increase significantly. Banana companies, such as the United Fruit Company, played a fundamental role in the global expansion and trade of this tropical fruit.

Varieties and Modern Cultivars: There are many different banana varieties and cultivars today, each with their own characteristic flavour and texture. From sweet bananas to plantain, this versatile fruit lends itself to a wide range of culinary preferences.

Nutritional Value and Role in Diet: In addition to their delicious flavour, bananas are an excellent source of nutrients such as potassium, Vitamin C and fibre. They are very practical and are able to quickly sate our hunger, making them an essential food in many diets around the world.

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