Whole, Halves, Sliced, Sweetened, Infused, Diced.


Keitt, Erwin, Julie, Jaffna, Palma, Kent


5, 10 and 12.5 kg boxes.

Mango: The King of All Fruit and its Tropical History

Mangoes, with their exquisite taste and fragrant perfume, are known as the “King of All Fruit”, and are a tropical jewel loved the world over.  

Origins in the Indian Subcontinent: Mangoes (Mangifera indica) are originally from the Indian subcontinent where they have been grown for over 4000 years. It is believed that this fruit was domesticated in the regions covering India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are referenced in myths, legends and ancient texts from those areas.

Dispersion through Trade Routes: As ancient civilisations flourished in the Indian subcontinent, mangoes became a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Through the trade routes and with migrations, the fruit spread through Asia to arrive in countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines and beyond.

Mangoes in Culture and Religion: Mangoes have been revered in different cultures and religions. In India they are a symbol of love and grace and are associated with the Goddess Saraswati. In Hindu mythology, the mango tree is a symbol of fertility and eternal life.

Introduction to Africa and the Middle East: Through the trade routes linking Asia and Africa, and also the expansion of Arabian trade, mangoes were introduced to Africa and the Middle East. Their adaptability to warm and tropical climates made them a valuable addition to agriculture in those regions.

Mangoes in America: Through colonisation and expeditions, mangoes crossed the oceans and reached America. Although they were initially introduced to the Caribbean by Portuguese explorers, farming of mangoes expanded over the centuries to the entire American continent.

Varieties and Global Commercialisation: There are thousands of mango varieties today, each with their own distinctive flavour and texture. Countries such as India, China, Thailand and the Philippines are the world’s main producers. Global commercialisation of mangoes means they are now found on supermarket shelves all over the world, making them an omnipresent tropical fruit.

Nutrients and Culinary Versatility: In addition to their delicious flavour, mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Their versatility in cooking is obvious through the variety of dishes containing them, ranging from salads to sauces and chutneys to desserts and refreshing drinks.

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